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The 2009 Strategic Plan sets the long-term direction for HIGICC and is the culmination of a months-long process of information-gathering and internal and external discussion and review. During August and September 2008, input was sought from stakeholders in the geospatial community at a series of statewide meetings (click here for photos taken during the information gathering phase). In addition drafts of the plan were posted on a wiki site for further comment by the community. Four goals of the Strategic Plan emerged from this planning process:

  • Ensure that HIGICC completes the Strategic Plan to set an agenda for the next five years that is aligned with the expressed needs of the HIGICC membership and the Hawaii geospatial community.
  • Develop an outreach and communications strategy that targets constituencies throughout the state, reaches underserved portions of the community, and increases membership, participation, and collaboration with activities.
  • Develop a strategy for assisting data acquisition projects and developing geospatial data standards that cross geographic and administrative boundaries.
  • Develop a funding strategy that maintains Council fiscal viability, enhances the ability of HIGICC to apply, compete, receive and administer grants, and expands the Council's ability to identify funding opportunities that support the Council and stakeholders across the state.

The first Business Plan to come out of the 2009 Strategic Plan lays out an organizational structure that will enable HIGICC to accomplish these goals by better focusing its limited resources and by actively engaging its stakeholders and members. 

Membership Committee
Recommends policies, procedures, initiatives and strategies for retaining and enhancing the current membership of HIGICC.

Finance Committee
Makes budget recommendations, monitors the annual budget and identifies new and existing income sources and strategies to support HIGICC objectives.

  • Grants and Scholarships Working Group

Policy and Compliance Committee
Reviews the bylaws and Board policies that impact the operations and legal obligations of the Board.

Education and Outreach Committee
Promotes geospatial education through outreach, creative programs and online resources, builds awareness of and support for geospatial technology and resources in the community at large, and identifies training needs and opportunities.

  • GIS Day/Event Planning Working Group
  • Curriculum Development - K-12 Support for Educators and Students Working Group
  • Special Events and Conferences Working Group
  • Luncheon Series Working Group
  • HIGICC Newsletter Working Group
  • Outreach Working Group

Information Technology (IT) Committee
Identifies technology that could benefit the operations of HIGICC and makes recommendations for its use as well as improvements that could be made to current technologies that are in use.

  • Website Working Group
  • Contact Management Working Group

Data Inventory & Assessment Committee
Facilitates data acquisition and development of data standards by taking a leadership role in coordinating data acquisition efforts, establishing and promoting data standards, and facilitating data distribution.

  • Framework Dataset Working Groups
    • Geodetic Control
    • Ortho Imagery
    • Transportation
    • Hydrography
    • Elevation
    • Governmental Units
    • Cadastral
    • Utilities
    • Structures
    • Physical Environment and Natural Hazards
    • Cultural Resources
    • Terrestrial Layers
    • Marine Layers
    • Scanned Maps

Transition Task Force
Plans for and assures the execution of a smooth transition between the departing Board and the incoming Board of HIGICC.

A summary of the results of the plans and the planning process was presented in September 2009 at the Data Discovery Forum at a conference sponsored jointly by HIGICC and the Hawaii Congress of Planning Officials (HCPO), "Building Resilient Communities." 

Download the Final Report submitted in 2009 to NSDI on the status of the Strategic Plan.

Download the Interim Report submitted in 2008 to NSDI on the status of the Strategic Plan.

Read the letter announcing HIGICC's selection as the recipient of NSDI CAP grant award.

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