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Craig Clouet chair of the Data Inventory and Assessment Committee (Data Committee), is looking for volunteers to commit their valuable time to become part of the Data Committee Working Groups. The Working groups are designed to fulfill the goals of the Data Committee. The Working Groups are outlined below. We are looking for members who can seriously commit to following through with all the Working Groups’ obligations. Please respond back to Craig  (cclouet[at]esri.com ) if you are interested in becoming involved with the work of the Data Committee and indicate which of the 5 Working Groups described below you would like to participate in.

Working group structure and responsibilities

The Data Committee has 5 Working Groups, which are a meld of items outlined in the HIGICC’s  Business Plan. Three of these – the Continuous Working Groups - would be focused on developing recommendations and procedures that would apply to all framework data layers. The  Phased Working Groups - will begin by focusing specifically on items that come up and need action. The last working group tackled the Cap Grant for and Imergery needs assessment and plan.

Continuous Working groups:

All three of the Continuous Working Groups would coordinate with the Phased Working Groups, with their initial focus on imagery and elevation. The Data Committee, as a whole, would then have a framework for the Phased Working Groups are ad-hoc. This cycle, a GeoPortal is the effort.

  • Data standards and metadata Working Group
This group will focus on developing recommendations for establishing data and metadata standards for all framework layers, starting with imagery and elevation.
  • Data maintenance Working Group
This group will be responsible for developing comprehensive data maintenance procedures. This will involve identifying ‘interested parties’ for each framework layer, developing a vision for the future of the data layer, and recommendations for data layer maintenance and updates.
  • Distribution & Inventory Working Group
This group will establish data distribution and Inventory recommendations and coordinate with the HIGICC’s Information Technology (IT) Committee Website Working Group to create appropriate links or distribution mechanisms such as portals for the data layers.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Craig.

Mahalo for your support!

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