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Leader:            Royce Jones

Audience:        High school, general public

Format:            Indoors lecture

Location:         Atherton Hālau – 90 minute session (2:00 to 3:30 pm)

Title:                Real GIS Stories - How GIS Saved the Day!

Description:    Hear three real life stories about how GIS has helped save the day in Hawaii.

                        - Carol Tyau-Beam (State of Hawaii DLNR) - Flood Hazards in Hawaii

                     DLNR has created an online GIS website to assist Hawaii residents to locate

                     and evaluate their flood hazard risks based on FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate

                     Maps (FIRM).  Users can enter a TMK or property address and quickly review

                     relevant flood zone information. Letters of Map Change (LOMC), NGS benchmarks,

                     and stream cross sections are also available. 


                     This web GIS application (Flood Hazard Assessment Tool or FHAT) also has an

                     Elevation Certificate (EC) tool that helps applicants or surveyors by automatically

                     filling part of the required EC form using information from FHAT.


                        - Gary Lum (Honolulu Fire) - Fire Prevention and Response in Hawaii

                          GIS applications are mission-critical for the Honolulu Fire Department.   

                            - Fire Dispatch uses GIS (GeoComm) to pinpoint 9-1-1 wireless callers who are

                              unable to provide their location. 

                            - Fire Operations use GIS (HOSES) to locate fire hydrants, beach access points,

                              mountain trails, hazardous materials facilities, electric, gas and water supply

                              infrastructure - all vital to the performance of their mission.

                            - Fire Inspectors use GIS (HOSES) to determine high-risk, high-value locations

                              and to facilitate prioritization of inspection schedules.

                            - Fire Data Analysts use GIS (FireView) to evaluate incident response times,

                              to see patterns and relationships in the location of emergency incidents, and

                              to optimize the location of new fire stations.

                           GIS applications allow HFD to quickly and directly respond to calls for help in many

                           life-threatening situations.


                        - Royce Jones (Esri) - Voting, Reapportionment and Redistricting in Hawaii

                          Every 10 years the U.S. Census counts our population and that count becomes the

                          basis for new federal, state and county political boundaries.  In 2001 Royce Jones

                          was the primary GIS consultant for the Hawaii Reapportionment Commission.  In

                          this talk he'll describe how GIS was used in 2001 to save the day and preserve

                          "one person, one vote".  He'll also preview what we might see when the 2010

                          census results are released and how that might affect politics in Hawaii.


Registration:     This session is free but seating is limited and registration is required.

                          You can register here.


Question on this event?  Please email Royce Jones at rjones@esri.com .

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